Getting Started With Alkira And Terraform (Part 2)

In Part 1, we started with a scalable foundation that can adapt over time as the business grows and adjusts to changing markets. With Alkira’s Network Cloud, we take a cloud native approach in enabling our customer’s transformation. No appliances need to be provisioned in remote VPCs or VNets, and no agents need to be installed on workloads. Getting started is as easy as kicking off a build pipeline. For Part 2, let’s connect some networks from AWS, Azure, and GCP.

Getting Started With Alkira And Terraform - (Part 1)

HashiCorp’s Terraform needs no introduction. It is all but the de facto vehicle for delivering cloud infrastructure, and for a good reason. What Terraform did for Multi-Cloud Infrastructure as Code, is precisely what Alkira does for the network. What happens when you use these two platforms together to deliver networking in and across clouds? If providing network services in code faster than ever before sounds interesting, this multi-part series is for you.

Intro To Terraform Modules With AWS

Effectively automating infrastructure is no longer a luxury but a staple in the enterprise move through future transformation. I wrote a blog recently about using Terraform with Packer together, and wanted to take this thought further with breaking down Terraform Modules and getting well connected with Terraform Cloud. I recently put together a simple module for building base infrastructure in AWS for the purpose of testing Alkira Network Cloud. Let’s dive in!

Understanding The World Of Bitcoin

This is going to be a gigantic pivot from my usual topics of writing. If you are interested in learning something about cryptocurrency, stay put. The goal is to make this unbiased and thought-provoking while shedding light on what seems like a world of confusion and misinformation. In the past month, I have heard various first-hand opinions about Bitcoin like, it is a pyramid scheme, basically gambling, will supersede the U.

Exploring Azure Cloud Networking - (Part 2)

In Part 1, we went over some fundamentals. For Part 2, we will examine Azure network design patterns based on cloud maturity and organization size. The concept of design patterns was first introduced by Christopher Alexander and has profoundly influenced many technical disciplines. To keep things simple, let’s define a design pattern as a reusable solution to a commonly occurring problem. Of course, you are not the first practitioner out there transitioning to cloud or growing to a new maturity model.