AnsibleFest 2020 - Automating IPAM In Cloud

AnsibleFest 2020, like most conferences this year, took place completely virtual. I presented on Automating IPAM In Cloud: Ansible + Netbox. You can find the slides along with the demonstration code in this git repo. In this post, I’m going to expand a little further on the content I presented. What is IPAM? IP Address Management (IPAM) is the critical component that organizes your IP addresses and networks in one place.

Multi-Cloud Networking With Alkira

Introduction Multi-Cloud is making its rounds. Network and Security engineers face increasing challenges with managing complexity and risk as they work to react with more agility to enable business outcomes. At the start, enterprises didn’t just decide they would be multi-cloud. They started with a single cloud, likely Amazon Web Services and tailored their strategy around that cloud’s architecture and features. A little time passes, and now those engineers that are still evolving to handle AWS are tasked with adopting Microsoft Azure.

Automating Blog Releases: Hugo + GitHub Actions

A lot of the work I do professionally involves transforming traditional network culture, practices, and technology. Just as DevOps transformed application delivery, NetDevOps is here to make sure the network can keep up. This post will cover how I deploy this blog with Hugo to GitHub Pages using GitHub Actions to completely automate the workflow. This is very similar to how I approached modernizing network documentation for my current employer. Listen to Day Two Cloud Podcast as I talk through this transformation in more detail.

Setting Up Ansible (AWX) On Debian

The best way to learn is by constructing your own knowledge, not passively absorbing information. A lot of great projects are open source these days, including The AWX Project. At zero cost, you can build your automation skill set, increasing your chances at landing that next big promotion. This post will cover how to setup Ansible AWX on Debian. I use a combination of Ansible and Terraform in the NetDevOps toolchain.