AWS Community Day - Midwest

I had the opportunity to present at the 4th annual AWS Community Day for the Midwest in June. This event was planned, organized, and delivered by AWS user group leaders and was an absolute blast. I got to catch up with a few remarkable individuals I haven’t talked to since pre-pandemic, and I got to meet many new people and listen to their stories of transformation in their respective enterprises.

Exploring ZeroTier For Remote Access

Zero Trust is all the rage lately, and traditional VPNs are getting a lot of scrutiny since they essentially add and remove encryption at the firewall. This means bad actors can skip off into the sunset (laterally) and gain access to those legacy systems with less effort. Another challenge with using a traditional VPN is scaling with the dramatic shift to hybrid work. ZeroTier is an interesting solution that claims to combine the capabilities of VPN and SD-WAN, among other things.

Importing Infrastructure With Azure Terrafy

Anyone that has worked in tech knows that building greenfield is much easier than dragging along brownfield environments through a roller-coaster they aren’t ready for. Tools like Terraform make infrastructure-as-code a breeze, but what about all that infrastructure you already have provisioned? April Edwards, Cloud Advocate at Microsoft, recently posted a blog about Azure Terrafy, a new tool in preview which aims to simplify the process. You can find the original blog here.

Are Microservices Better Than Monoliths?

The year is 2022, and Kubernetes is wreaking havoc on software delivery as we know it. Applications are going through modernization programs so they can be converted into microservices, but they are coming out the other end as distributed monoliths. Next thing you know, services exist across several clouds and even in your data centers. And, of course, the large majority of enterprises aren’t just greenfield. Many have a combination of technologies stacked over decades, including mainframes.

Shifting Left with Lightlytics

The public cloud continued to dominate spending in 2021. Gartner forecasts worldwide end-user spending for public cloud to reach $397.4 billion by 2022. With increased velocity; automation continues to be a critical business imperative for the enterprise. Getting automation right means getting all the appropriate teams pulled into the process early on (shift left). Lightlytics is a new SaaS product on the market that aims to make DevOps for cloud infrastructure as agile as software delivery.

Cryptocurrency, Energy, and Proof-of-Stake

New to cryptocurrency? Check this out for a quick primer. One of the giant debates, often a significant source of criticism, is Bitcoin’s energy efficiency (or lack thereof). This criticism may also be expanded to any other currency, or blockchain backed technology that leverages proof-of-work as a consensus mechanism. Innovation is inherent in technology. New ideas, methods, and optimizations come along to take something, add new features, and make it more efficient.